How Singer’s Cry (EP)

How Singer’s Cry is a rather sentimental body of work, channeling in to Vesta’s true feelings of heartbreak & resentment. Throughout the project, Vesta finds herself contemplating on past relations, constantly questioning her emotions and her ex-lover’s motives. From top to bottom, the 19-year-old artist finds herself yearning a feeling like no other, soliciting passionate vibes along a soulful,and rather euphoric feel. Her call for compassion amongst her previous lover finds her debut project to be very relatable and rather lustful. Tune in to Vesta’s debut here.

About The Artist: Vesta is a 19-year-old up-and-coming artist out of Stafford, Virginia. On a bit of a hiatus, up until recently, Vesta has been slowly building a name for herself. Jumping back into the music scene with her track, The Wrong Kind, Vesta has began to prove herself as a top-tier kind of artist, drawing comparisons to Jean Deaux along with a bit of Jhene Aiko & Solange. With the release of her first project, How Singer’s Cry, the singer is also looking to drop visuals for a few leading singles off of the EP within the next couple of months. Rumors have circulated that she’s not only working on music videos, but also working on two to three more bodies of work for 2017. Stay tuned, as this year appears to be the beginning of a promising journey and a rather bright future for the Virginia-native.

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