Tcrook$ – “Blickem Boys II”

Tcrook$ is an artist from Newport News, VA and he released “Blickem Boys II”. Prior to the release of this project, Tcrook$ gained some popularity through tracks like “Anyway” that got over 11,000+ plays on Soundcloud and his remix of Lil Herb’s “I’m Rolling” featuring Presto Dibiase and Laylo that got over 32,000 plays on Soundcloud. Tcrook$ music is different from the electric hip hop instrumentals and melodic vocals that’s characterized with the 757. He’s coming at you with aggression and raw energy in his music.

“Blickem Boys II” starts off with one of his popular tracks, “Umbrella”. Umbrella paints a metaphoric picture of dealing with the storms that life brings. He uses rap as his umbrella to protect him from the storms that’s trying to wipe out his drive. It’s a very relatable song to those that dealt with having no handouts.  As the listener progresses through the project, Tcrook$ goes deeper into his trials and tribulations. It’s great trap music to listen to when you’re grinding hard in the gym or having a pregame. “Blickem Boys II” have songs that’s filled with catchy hooks from songs like my personal favorite “40 Acres”, “Umbrellas”, and “Hall of Fame”.

The only thing that I can critique on is his delivery. It’s strong but it can be more polished when it comes to finishing certain lines. The energy remains constant until the end of some bars. At the ending of those certain bars, it sounds like he doesn’t finish saying the last word. It’s a minor thing to me and it’s barely noticeable due to his strong voice. Listen to it below through Soundcloud and on Audiomack. Support your local artist and cop his project on Google Play and Apple Music Follow T-Crook$ on Twitter: @Tcrookss and on Instagram: @tcrookss



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