Ceo- “Run”

Ceo is back at it again with his latest single “Run” produced by OmarCameUp. The Mechanicsville rapper who made waves with his Just For Today project is carrying over the introspection that made that project the gold it is into this song. In “Run”, Ceo is describing his latest struggles such as his rising popularity affecting his sanity. The opening bars are tough and easily relatable towards artists who are rising in popularity. He stated, “Everyone tells me don’t forget me when you get famous, I/ never thought I would say this, I/ still don’t know what that name is, I’m/ terrified of more changes I’m/ in too deep, I can’t change it…“. One thing that I noticed in the bars were how each line ended then began. Ceo ends each line in the first couple bars with “I” to show what everyone is focusing on, Ceo. The fans and friends are focusing on his rising fame while Ceo is getting lost in how his changes is affecting his mental health. It’s an indirect premonition of stating his reason why he’s chasing his musical aspirations. The song is filled with bars for days. Some of my favorite bars include “I know I don’t have very long, I don’t know if I’ll carry on to be Underwood like what Carrie’s on…I heard all the stairways to heaven, but when I looked, all the stairs were gone…“. The beat by South Florida producer OmarCameUp starts out really smooth with mellow guitar strings to set the tone for a calm start and as Ceo’s tone gets more intense, so does the instrumental with the addition of electronic effects. The strings in the song compliments Ceo’s vocals and for the song it works. Personally, it’s a good Ceo song. I heard better songs from Ceo. I say that because it didn’t resonate with me as his previous songs. That doesn’t deny the high quality of the song and the strong message it brings. Listen to the song below!

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