Handles x Skyzoo x Charlie Ray – “Break Records”

Eastern Shore’s very own Handles is a lyricist who was born in the 80’s, raised in the 90’s, and taught by the 60’s. Handles had his songs played on radio stations in Canada and is performing at the Soundstage event in Baltimore on June 1st headlined by Rakim. Anyone who’s on an event with Rakim must deserve some recognition! His single “Break Records” is off of his popular LP, “809060” and is a smooth witty song that features a great writer in Skyzoo.

The first thing I noticed about Handles was his delivery. It resonated to me because it showed shades of Noreaga’s voice in The War Report days. His tone is deep and the way he pronounces syllables are similar, yet it’s more polished than Noreaga’s. Handles displays basketball bars that I truly enjoyed like “Some [people] reaching in the lane a bit, lack of defense/ The way I play at the one/ I treat a track like my opponent from the office I run/ I set the tempo with my verses, what worse is/ I’m control the game with my assist/ When the team’s involved, just imagine what if I start scoring“. He paints a vivid basketball image where he’s a playmaker as a point guard, which is known as the one in basketball terminology.  On the metaphorical court, he dishes dimes, in other words, passes the ball towards his teammates assisting them with scoring their baskets. It’s a connotation towards how he pulls off great features on other artists’ songs. He also asks “what if [he] starts scoring” as an analogy to what if he starts to drop heat on tracks with no features.

The theme of the track is not basketball however. It’s a story of how two artists are breaking records on the track similar towards how Michael Johnson and his teammates broke records on the United States track team in the 90s, more specifically in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. The chemistry between Skyzoo and Handles is a cohesive one. Check out the track below on Soundcloud and check out more of Handles’ music on Youtube, purchase his music on bandcamp, and all other music platforms.

Follow Handles on Twitter: @Handles757;  Facebook: Handles The Lyricist; Instagram: @handlesthelyricist

Follow Skyzoo on Twitter: @skyzoo and Instagram: @skyzoothewriter


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