Subject of Sadness x Mike Strong

Mike Strong brings us his album titled Subject of Sadness. I personally think this creative name not only catches your attention but it explains the track list in the album very well. This album seemed very personal and can serve as a direct insight to Mike Strong’s life and emotions. The production is amazing, featuring producers such as Andre Joyner, PoppaZannie, Dante Lewis, Deemed, Cardo and Drae Da Skimask. Along with great producers on board, Strong really reveals how amazing his lyricism is. I can tell a lot of thought was put into this album to make sure that this wasn’t just another album by another artist, but a piece of Mike Strong and who he is and what his battles are. 

Song Suggestion: Fast Food is definitely my favorite. The lyricism in this song goes completely crazy and if you really listen you might learn a little something about Mike Strong. I’m always here for a storyline!

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