Falen- “Things Known and Felt”

If you’re looking for some floetry, this project is for you. Falen is a poet who created a musical project called “Things Known and Felt”. This is a four track project that focuses on the development of Falen from self love, to letting go, to attaining satisfaction with herself.

The artwork itself had me wondering what was exactly the project about before the first listen. I knew it wasn’t a typical rapper project. It hinted at a softer type of project, a more vulnerable one. When I hit play on the first track, heard the clap and the beat rising after it, I was hooked. I was really expecting some singing on “MMM”, which stands for Mocha Momma Melancholy.  Eventually that’s what I would hear on a beautifully executed hook. Falen vividly paints a story of dealing with sadness that has no obvious cause. The context that Falen speaks about that covers the depression is revolved around fancy melody wine and being around friends. She’s trying to forget a “certain time and a certain place”. That certain time and certain place unfolds later into the project.

Overall, I loved how cohesiveness the project. There’s no gaps in the story that Falen describes over various instrumentals. My favorite track is what I see as the climax in the story, “Like Snow” feat. Brie and NewTypeJosh. It’s an elegant collaborative piece that’s replay worthy. Through the eyes of a poet, I enjoyed this project. It reminded me of the style of another poet by Dayelle and her Youtube videos. To keep up with Falen, ceck out her website journeytozenith.com and keep up with the growing muse on Instagram: @falenzfotoz and Twitter: @missfalen


Written by: J. Guevara

Instagram: @justinhisprime

Twitter: @justinhisprime

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