Juanski- Reflections of a Lyricist

Reflections of a Lyricist, this album could not be better named. Rapper, but more importantly lyricistJuanski, spits about anything from experiences past, to the hustle of both school & music, to the current state of the hip-hop. Mind you, this is all while maintaining a smooth flow that pairs well with almost any type of beat. What makes this album such a great listen is the beats and lyricism. On this album, Juanski truly exemplifies his range, knowledge, and talent. The production done on this album provides a nostalgic feel of what hip-hop used to be. On a track called, Sean’s BS”, Juanski reminded me of what I really love about Hip-Hop: The art, the wordplay, the story telling, the blending of R&B and rap. It’s vital that we recognize where we come from, that applies to anything in life, but especially to music. Juanski gives me hope with the homage he pays to the past while being a pioneer for the future. Make sure you pick up Reflections of a Lyricist if you want some true VA hip-hop.

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