Karmah gives game and advice for late night introspection with the Noah-O assisted, “What Is Life?”

Most of us hustlers in VA can relate to being “up late all night, steady chasing the cheese“,, waiting on a breakthrough. Life and many of the weights of the world get heavy, as we deal with the fakes, ups-downs, and subsequent pitfalls that come with everyday living.

Richmond’s Karmah and Noah-O tell their own familiar tales of these journeys & how they take their toll. Watching others fall off, seeing those who we outstretched a hand to turn. Often leaving us questioning the worth and keeping it real, just simply…what is life? What is the purpose of it all?

When that questions comes to the forefront, the answer is never to fold. Take a listen and garner inspiration from some of the front-runners coming out of the 804.

Check out their track below, refocus, and lock in!


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