Trankquility- “Under The Night Sun”

It has been a month since Trankquility’s Under The Night Sun project has been out and this is his biggest project to date. Virginia locals has heard of Trankquility through his Temple By The Ocean and Meditation projects and he’s known for his talented vocals. What I enjoy out of the Under The Night Sun project was the concept itself. The concept of the album is separated into four chapters discussing a supernatural relationship with a muse. The timeline of the project takes place in the span of a night and the morning after, but the way Trankquility uses his diction makes it as if they’ve met in another life. Pay attention to his jargon in the chapter interludes and you’ll hear the supernatural allusions that he uses to describes the situations.

One of my favorite tracks on the project has to be Stranger. The fourth track in the project is an unexpectedly upbeat song that describes his fascination with this woman. It’s a classic song about having lust for someone that he doesn’t recognize a personal connection with. After the deed is done, Trankquility feels like his heart is ripped out, but in the song he said he doesn’t mind if she kills him. I found that interesting because he admits that he treated her wrong and that he couldn’t see his mistakes, so instead of being literally killed, he’s just going to be metaphorically dead to the lover, becoming a stranger to the stranger he sings about.

I was very impressed with the album. This project shows that Trankquility can compose a lengthy project and keep it in cohesion. My other favorite tracks have to be Reconnection and Crazy Amazing. There are no loose ends or pointless tracks in the project. Each one has a purpose and links with the previous and following tracks. For all the producers out there, the melodic electronic beats in here will have you nodding your head to the beat. They create the soundtrack to the story that Trankquality takes the listener through. It’s like a well produced movie from start to end with some guests in the project such at 90Wyse, Gami, and more. Listen to the project below and follow Trankquility on Instagram: @trankquility  and Twitter: @TrankQuility. 


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Twitter: @justinhisprime



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