ConFromThe703 & Lazy Rios x BACKWOODS

Virginia’s very own ConFromThe703 and Lazy Rios release their new single together titled BACKWOODS, prod. by Gray Soul. Although this song is very slow paced and more of a “vibe” song, it’s obvious that the lyrics are very fun and lighthearted. It speaks on the long drawn out debate between smokers everywhere, swishers or backwoods? (It’s needless to say which one they chose). Other than that, you can also see the theme of being on the come up, which I’m sure a lot of us can relate to! As I mentioned earlier, the beat is very relaxed and well produced. The little adlibs you will hear throughout the song was one of my many favorite things about it. It adds a certain personality that I feel like everyone needs in their projects, if we’re being honest. Both artists held their own throughout the song while also being an amazing duo that create a unified energy. This song is something you need to blast through your car speakers with the windows down. Don’t miss out on the vibe!

You can find this song on Soundcloud.

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