Parkway addresses conforming and lack of originality with atmospheric single “Lie For”

In northside VA there’s a variety of sounds and styles that echo through the upcoming music scene. Yet for the past 7 months there’s been a bit of an empty space within the darker atmospheric street sound that defined a particular lane. Many fans attribute this void to the silence from Manassas artist, Parkway.

With this single, Parkway has finally given answer to fans and supporters who’ve been itching for his next release. Lie For is nothing short of the quality expected after such a long hiatus, with Parkway addressing the lack of originality in the game, comparisons, and those possibly questioning him shifting to fit a particular image. To this he simply responds “What the f*ck I gotta lie for?

Parkway’s been up late night pacing, and so are we as anticipate his next move. Until then, give a listen to Lie For below.

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