Bucky Malone gives a fresh take on his hit “Wi$hlist”, alongside Bobby Blaze and Treez Lowkey

703 artist Bucky Malone is a testament to an independent, self-made artist coming out of VA. While promoting, pushing, and innovating all on his own he’s steadily grown in acclaim and notoriety within the VA music scene. He takes a revisit to one of the bangers that got him there, but not before grabbing Treez Lowkey and Bobby Blaze for this Wi$hlist Remix.

Malone’s got a knack for standout lyrics and catchy hooks, and he flexes his ability to do both with this track. Detailing fine women such as London Zhiloh, Zoe Kravitz, and more who he desires on his Wi$hlist.

This coupled with the standout features from fellow Virginia artists Bobby Boot Up & Treez make this remix undoubtedly a hit!

Bucky Malone is definitely an artist on the rise ( as said by The Source), so don’t sleep and check out Wi$hlist below.


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