Era Hardaway’s “The Juug Tape” is still heavy in rotation

The 540, particularly Fredericksburg, isn’t necessarily considered a music capital in VA. Yet, we’ve seen the city and surrounding area steady on the rise with upcoming artists beginning to make noise. One of those notably pushing the area forward is artist & creative Juugamil, better known as Era Hardaway.

The Juug Tape was one of the most highly anticipated projects of the year, as Hardaway’s signature sound and stellar production has aided him in paving his own lane, and in doing so, creating a large fan-base within the state. The premiering of the body of work through infamous hip hop magazine, The Source, only further increased the buzz.

It can be very hard to define or label Era Hardaway in any particular box. He’s a multifaceted creative, reaching his hands in numerous pots as a producer, hip hop artist, designer, & business owner. One thing is clear, and he’ll tell you himself on the Intro: he knows who he is, his purpose, and his direction. This gives his music a very authentic and relateable feel, which he candidly lays over dark sounds and wavy melodies on this 11 Track LP.

The project hosted a few previously released tracks/singles, such as hits #FreeRich ft. fellow iLPackMobb artist, Doe$ki & On The Lo, though these tracks sounded what felt like 10x better on this project. This isn’t due to sound quality, extra ad- libs, nor improved mixing..its largely due to the quality and level of cohesiveness to which the Juug Tape holds. Hardaway took his time crafting this project, from top to bottom. From production to tracklist. And it shows, leaving us with an LP that serves as a great introduction to the artist which continues to get spins even long after its release.

Hardaway is kicking flavor with this one, so support the artist & cop over at or stream below.

Single: “Cal Ripken” Dir. Vontae Knight Visuals (Official Music Video)

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