Pilot and Manhe Comes Together To Create A Collaborative EP

There’s an artist on the rise from the 757 named Yung D’ The Pilot and he’s making his own wave. In a local music scene where the 757 region is known for electronic melodies like Timbaland and local artists like Ant Chulo, Jack TP, and Doug Finesse, Yung D’s producer Manhe is coming with boom bap rap beats. The EP is an eight track project strictly produced by Manhe and only has one track with features on it.

When I listened to the first track, Out The Park, I recognized a Maino flow and it worked well on that beat. It was a solid introduction with a hard delivery and solid rhymes about the everyday hustle in the hood. I felt like the break in the last few seconds of the song deserved an outro spoken over it or that it shouldn’t had been there at all. On his third track Hard Work, he paints a gritty picture of his focus on the hustle w/ a motivational hook. I thought it was suitable that he included a Ted DiBiase bar (Got the game in a choke hold like Ted DiBiase). Considering that Ted DiBiase is famously known as the Million Dollar Man ,I drew that connection towards his hustle for the bag. His Hard Work track has over 4,500+ plays on Soundcloud and it should deserve more as a high quality track.

Overall, it’s a solid project to vibe out. There are different tracks for different moods like it you’re in the gym and workout or grind out a 11 pm library session studying for an exam. It has good replay value as I guarantee that you’ll replay it at least one or two more times after a full listen. The production has beautiful samples such as the  from A Tribe Called Quest Midnight sample. My favorite beat on the track is on Everyday with an interview sample that some might recognize. Manhe’s other beats include a vocal melody over the boom bap rap instrumentals such as On The West that gives the snares and kicks an even more organic feel. Follow Yung D’ The Pilot on Twitter (@Pilotfly757) and Manhe as well (@MANHE_VA). Cop the EP on iTunesAmazon Music, and stream on Spotify and on Soundcloud below.


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  1. Nice!!! I rock wit Manhe’s beats, the ones I’ve heard! He a solid dude all together puttin out some hits. Have listened to this yet but after reading your review will definitely check it out!! 👌🏽👌🏽Thanks✌🏽✌🏽

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