703’s 90wyse and Sonny Ward body “Swap Meat”

Dale City artist, 90wyse, is a newer face to the 703 music scene whose competitive edge, and passion for lyrical exhibition has set him apart in recent months. He’s been vocal on condemning issues related to music quality, creativity, and the lack of songwriting within the community. With this this latest release, Swap Meat, alongside Woodbridge’s Sonny Ward, he really puts his money where his mouth is.

90Wyse and Ward both bring aggressive flows on this collaborative effort, as they lyrically spazz over the 4k produced instrumental. Ward’s unorthodox flow and Wyse’s intricately laid lyrics and schemes make for an interesting and exciting introduction that’ll have you running the track back to catch it all!

With this seemingly breakthrough single, 90wyse is letting you know he’s here. Take a listen before he kicks the door in himself.

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