TiTLE UnKnwn The Prequel x Who?

Artist Who? reps for Virginia and the 757 in his recent album, TiTLE Uknwn The Prequel! There are many things that I absolutely love about this project. The first thing that really amazed me was the dope wordplay that you will hear throughout every single song. Sometimes I found myself replaying songs just to hear certain lines over again. His wordplay just adds on to the fact that he has an amazing flow that is completely his own. On top of his wordplay and flow, his energy and personality shines through in this album and makes it easier for the audience to connect with and enjoy. Every song is versatile and shows his range in creativity. I believe that creativity and versatility are huge “make it or break it” factors with any project that someone puts out, and Who? gave both elements in this album! From a more technical standpoint, the production was great and sounded extremely professional. I can tell that he really took his time with producing and arranging his songs. Who? included many features throughout this project, and they were all amazing! A problem you can commonly see is features taking away from the artist but I feel like every feature on this project added even more value to it overall! You can find features from artists such as Anthony Alston Jr., Bobby Blaze, Munee and Clayt! Everything from production, to features and artistry overall make this project what I like to call “replay worthy!”


Song Suggestion: I couldn’t even pick just one song, so I picked two for ya’ll this time. Find the time to listen to Clipse and Dumb Again, even if you listen to nothing else! They are amazing songs. Dumb Again starts off with an amazing beat to hook you in and continues with fun and creative lyrics from Bobby Blaze and Who?! Clipse brings you a fun and catchy hook and speaks on respecting and recognizing the artist (as you should)!


Find this project on Soundcloud, and other major platforms (just search Who?)!

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