The Speakeasy Experience by Sheik Kargbo

Nowadays any and everybody picks up a microphone and suddenly want to rap but very few actually master the craft of putting together a Industry ready project. Sheik Kargbo, originally from Sierra Leone, is arguably one of VA’s best kept double threats with his storytelling & producing. 

Sheik has been getting a lot of recognition as of late from multiple outlets shortly after coming from SXSW he released his debut “The Speakeasy Experience” project containing 18 songs. The beautiful production set the mood for the project. 

Sheik really took his time with this debut combining records as early as 2014 to 2017. Not to mention Sheik produced all of his project! Key records that caught our attention was “New Neighbors” featuring Mariam & “Fix Your Face”.  The authenticity & originality in his music seems rather effortless coming from him, the scary part is.. he’s just getting started!

Find “The Speakeasy Experience” on all streaming platforms! 

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