Loner Avenue and SmokeWithHutch create waves with “Loner Vercetti” prod. Mark Bruce(VISUAL)

Artwork by Frankee Mae Decker

The VA scene is a diverse and sometimes complicated one. With so many different lanes and a hundred different sounds within the community, there are artists who can seemingly go unnoticed, despite much out-of-town success and growth. With polarizing sub-genres like “trap” and “lyrical” music at the forefront, where do those who don’t necessarily fall in these molds stand?

The collective Baggy Boys Worldwide (BBW) have been pushing the envelope and breaking the box many artists feel pressured to be in sonically. Standouts Loner Avenue and SmokeWithHutch recently rolled out a real dope visual for “Loner Vercetti”, directed by upcoming cinematographer SheedoDaPlug.

Crazy editing & genuine good vibes make the “typical” poolside visual anything but that! Oh, and salute to Mark Bruce on the ill production.

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