They said T.I.N.O “Fell Off”? (VISUAL)

It’s grimy in the area of Alexandria known as Richmond Highway. You can google Colchester, Fordson, etc. and see what really goes on out there. This area, like many areas in northern VA, defy the stereotype amongst many in DC/Maryland that Virginia is sweet, and can’t relate to many of the struggles that come from section 8 and poverty.

Earlier this year we saw a breakout from Highway artist, T.I.N.O, with his visual for Keep It Real (Directed by SC Motion Films), which has skyrocketed to over 25k views. The track sparked much debate and controversy over a particular line where he denounces the term “DMV” and all the negatives that come with it when you’re a Virginia artist.

My niggas don’t rep the DMV, we not from Maryland, we not from DC!”

T.I.N.O partners with SC Motion Films again as he addresses many critics and haters who say he’s fell of since the dropping of his standout, Keep It Real.

He isn’t afraid to stunt on those hating in this visual & continues to step on necks with his fast paced flow and raw delivery.

Check the track out below and let us know…who fell off?

Learn more about the artist, what’s the beef with “DMV”, and more in our interview below!

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