Boris The Lucid transcends barriers with “Ascension” EP

Newport News Native, Boris The Lucid, is arguably one of the most intriguing young artists coming out of the 757 area right now. Just a small insight: he’s apart of the immensely talented & multifaceted collective, IIIDAZE, as well as a audio engineer and solo artist.

Boris recently gave an impromptu drop of a new EP,  Ascension. The befitting title of this 3 track EP gives the listener some indication of what to expect sonically and the quality to follow.

This EP is incredibly spacey & atmospheric, as Boris’s voice echoes and reverbs through every track and bassline in such a way that makes the project very mellow & ambient. Take a real listen though, as within his lyrics he gives insight into himself, concepts of parasitism, and some real spill on this record.

Boris The Lucid continues to push barriers & his creativity to the limits.

Take a trip & enjoy the quick EP below!

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