Mutant Academy Is Showing VA What They Mean By “People Like Us”

Mutant Academy is back at it again with another unique project called “People Like Us”. This is a seven track project where M.A.’s Fly Anakin headlines the project with a RVA local star studded cast featuring producers like Ohbliv, fellow M.A. affiliates Koncept Jackson, Ewonee, and more. The compilation defines who Mutant Academy are within the societies of not just the music, but the culture and the city of Richmond.

One track that stands out on the project is ‘Pep Boys‘ featuring Koncept Jackson and produced by Ohbliv. The track on Soundcloud has close to 7,000 plays and over 300 likes. The production by Ohbliv was stellar. I enjoyed the epic guitar strums that was at a 3/4 tempo. I think it’s an important component towards the blues like instrumental. It’s also an edgy instrumental that’s something similar to the type of beats that Wu-Tang would rap under. Fly Anakin delivers a content filled verse that needs more than one listen in order to fully comprehend the topics he cover. Anakin covers the gritty story of violence and the reasons behind it such as drugs and bad habits. On “Pep Boys’, Fly Anakin brought one of the best verses he ever did. It’s poetry in motion as he takes you into the perspective of a young hustler trying to survive in a life of trouble and find a way out through music. It could be a way for Fly Anakin to allow the listener into his personal life. Koncept Jackson also has an amazing feature on the song as well that had similar energy from Anakin’s verse.

In the song ‘Super Dragon Punch II’ featuring Big Kahuna OG and produced by DJ Harrison, it’s a song that tells respective stories of painting one of those “Bad bitches, good weed is all I need” type of songs mixed with a lyrical and Southside of RVA perspective. Big Kahuna painted a beautiful muse like female w/ some articulate, vivid lines such as: “Telepathically asked shorty to fix me a beverage/ She light skinned like me, but more Afro-centric/that’s my Venus and my fire, her desire endless/showed me how to pack, roll a joint ambidextrous“. The song in entirety turned a topic that’s typical for club music [bad bitches & good weed] and turned it into a metaphorical symphony.

This project is needed in a city where the crime rate spiked up 20% in a year period and where the culture of the city is changing for the better. People Like Us defines a Richmond creative where they’re very humble of their beginnings but doesn’t forget how gritty the city can be. People Like Us is the mindset of a Richmond native in their early twenties that realize how much ambition they have while realizing that trouble can easily occur. It’s a layered project that shows those deep metaphors over diverse production and energetic lyrics.

Purchase their project on Bandcamp and stream the project for free below. Follow the featured M.A. members on the project on Twitter: @flyanakin@konceptjackson_@BigKahunaOG@ewonee_

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