“Don’t Show Me Love” single debut from Setea


Aspiring singer/songwriter from Alexandria, Virginia by the name of Setea, is not new to the music scene. Despite her debut she’s been around many talented artists such as Goldlink & Innanet James. She has collaborated in the past but surprising never released a solo single until of late.

Beautifully produced and pieced by DJ Shakey Biz setting the tone with a sample from TLC “No Scrubs” and soothing melody. The song “Don’t Show Me Love” seems as if Setea has finally put her foot down and is done watching from the bleachers and is ready to make a name of her own. What I like best about this song is that it could apply to past relations, grinding, or just outgrowing peers. She doesn’t dig too deep into it so it does make you wonder but none the less perfectly put together.She has the voice, the story, & the natural attractions to draw unknown listeners. We’re really excited to see what’s in store for Setea. 

Don’t show her love when its too late.. Tune in!

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