“The Garden” by Gxldie

(Produced by Indugo, Danny E.B, & MONK)

After much anticipation and a few delays, Gxldie from Woodbridge, has gifted us with her latest EP title, The Garden. This debut really captures Gxldie’s personality & style. This is definitely something you could imagine playing in the background of movie. The production is unmatched & lyrics compliment the EP very well.

“5050” & “Lonely Hearts Club” are definitely the stand out songs on this EP. “5050” is the only collaboration and what an amazing duo this was. They complimented each other very well to form a soul filled & reminiscent record thanks to the helping presence of Geronimo.

This project is an excellent first impression on Gxldie leaving listeners wanting more & wondering what next she has in stores after this EP. Within 5 days it’s already garnered 700 streams on soundcloud. Check it out here


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