J Slim builds anticipation with “OFF-MVP”

Richmond is known for being one of the grittiest, yet musically influential cities within Virginia. With it’s deep history of exceptional musicians across multiple genres, from GWAR to Nickelus F, there’s something special bout The Rich.

From the city’s north-side comes a heavy voice, raw, unfiltered, with powerful delivery.

People in the city know him as 3waySlim, or simply J Slim. An artist who’s been on his grind and making noise since his 2015 project “Premeditation“, hosted by Don Cannon.

Since his last body of work, J Slim has been getting things in order personally, and musically whilst unleashing an onslaught of visuals and singles.

With OFF-MVP, Slim continues to give us insight into his mind and life, with his lyrically hefty style and innovative storytelling.

His often greatest asset in his music is his ability to give what some may consider “typical” street/hood stories in a fresh and conceptual way, striking well with many who relate to the struggle and grasp attention of those unfamiliar.

Slim talks a lot about his story & how his own Morals, Values, and Principles have guided him through his journey out the Richmond dirt.

He bares it all with this EP, and gives us some REAL music in the process.

Scary thing is: These are just the tracks that didn’t make his upcoming album, MVP!

This leaves much excitement and anticipation for J Slim and what more he has in store. Until then, stream the EP below!

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