IIIDAZE’s new single reverberates through the night

Hampton/Newport News collective, IIIDAZE (pronounced three-daze), had gone a little under the radar up until their previous release of “APE“, which quickly spread like wildfire, now approaching 20k plays.

Yet who are these young creatives who seemingly have come out of nowhere, now taking the 757 by storm? The III have been a bit of an enigma, but is made up of befittingly three artists: Boris the Lucid, Wolf, & kliftxn, each immensely talented in their own right. Their rise has only been propelled by all the support they’ve garnered from many of the premiere artists in the 757 such as Breeze Park, Conscious Kane, and more.

IIIDAZE shatter barriers and bend sounds with their new release, “Night Shift“. The III brings a track perfect for Virginia nights, with echoing vocals and slick flows over the synth infused instrumental.

The track serves as a great intro to the buzzing collective, and will have you both excited and anxious for what the trio have in store next!

Don’t believe us? Stream the single below and support the artists on Apple Music.

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