17y/o Drew Famous hits iTunes Charts on strong debut album “Yearbook”

(Produced by: 808-Ray, Asahiah Ziv, Draxum, ThankYaZay, Anthony Cruz, Santhosh, Playful Ryan)

The 17y/o artist Drew Famous isn’t exactly famous yet but he’s well on his way! Only a senior in Highschool, yet making enormous moves. Toping the iTunes Top 50 Charts with his debut album “Yearbook”.

 After his first project “Running In Palace” which made a solid debut and did decent numbers. Drew decided it was time to go back to the “Drawing Board” and up the anti on features, content, and mainly production! The album starts off with a aggressive yet mellow intro with his song, “Hop The Fence / Yearbook“.

This album is definitely one that needs to be listen to in order so you can truly get the full gist of the message/transition. “All Around Me” Featuring Topi Mandela & “Mountain View” Featuring PLAY from BreezePark have to be the top records on this project. Giving an amazing blend of relentless metaphors and lyricism.

Needless to say “Yearbook” is definitely a contender for top 10 projects out of Virginia. Be sure to check it out, you won’t be disappointed!

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