Ant Chulo comes with a revamped sequel to “96 Dennis”

Virginia Beach artist, Ant Chulo, has always been artist not ashamed to be himself. Producing music he describes as being apart of the sub-genre: pop rap, which takes a stab at pushing the limits sonically. Heavy synths, layered snappy production, and auto-tuned vocals make the listen an enjoyable as well as intriguing one.

His latest release, 96 Dennis Pt. 2, comes as a revamped sequel to the original track from his last EP, Tha Beach Is The Reason.

This track brings Ant Chulo comes to the track as honest & open as his previous installment, touching on everything from love, self worth, to what it takes to live the life he lives.

Let us know what you think of 96 Dennis Pt. 2 below!

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