Motivation music from Play, Mike Fellow, and Hooks Ventura on “My Life”

Suffolk bred group Breeze Park are revered in the VA scene for their creativity, originality, and relatable lines in their music! These qualities have propelled them to the forefront of the scene in the 757, with anticipation only increasing as we await their next album.

Notably, what stands out is the unique blend of artists that make up the group, each with their own strong voice and solo career.

Breeze Park artist, Play, has been consistently dropping gems he downplays as singles as the group have been formulating their album. Recently he partnered up with notable artists Mike Fellow and Hooks Ventura to deliver a smooth, confident track: My Life.
Producer Amber Haze kills the smooth, mellow instrumental on which the artists both honestly and boastfully describe their virtuous goals and refusal to waiver amidst pressures & critiques of the crowd.

This is a dope track for the creative up late working, paving their own lane. Check it out below!

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