Boobie Holiday gives an engaging visual of a tale of doomed lovers w/ Cry Baby

22 year old Boobie Holiday is arguably one of the premiere artists coming out of Woodbridge & the 703…yet seems to go relatively unknown among circles in the VA scene.

In his career he’s notably had videos featured on visual magazine and YouTube powerhouse, Elevator. Motion pictures such as “Gimmie Hoes” and “Libra Season” have garnered overed 12k views, and had Holiday’s name buzzing everywhere from Woodbridge to RVA.

Recently, Holiday relocated to NYC as he continues to perfect his artistry and hone his signature voice and sound, from which you can tell he draws much dark influence.

Through everything, one characteristic of Holiday is apparent: he’s strategic and to the point with everything in his career.

Since the move, he’s been quiet in release of music, focusing largely on show performances in NYC and elevating that aspect of his craft. The result is a stage presence that is powerful and energy which can be called nothing sort of gravitational when he touches the stage.

His performance at our recent festival, Vibe Out, this past June garnered much praise and attention from many who had never heard nor met him before, but instantly bought in to the artist Boobie Holiday from a mere 15 minute set.

Holiday has been playing chess, and his latest move is a standout one. He recently released a motion picture for his attention grabbing single: Cry Baby.

The visual is one of the cleanest to come from a VA artist this year, shot eloquently by Mahari Media/ Bolt Z. Oltvai and illustrates a move-esque story of a deadly love triangle over which Holiday’s voice masterfully sets the tone & background.

If this is your first introduction to Boobie Holiday, its an amazing one & one could almost be jealous.

If you’ve been with him since the beginning, since 4am nights in Woodbridge or Richmond, you knew this was coming & are happy to see its fruition.

Boobie Holiday is here: wake up, and enjoy the visual below.

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