DanVHefner raises hell with “NO FRIENDS” (VISUAL)

Centreville DanVHefner is an artist who both stands out, while also serving as an exemplary case of the diverse sounds and energies that come out of the VA scene.

He comes from the 703, an area in northern VA which has been buzzing heavily the past few years with it recently coming to a head, as the area has begun to shed off the influences and tags that come with the “DMV” (DC,MD,VA)  label.

This distancing from the term largely comes from the lack of respect and attention given to artists from Virginia, like Hefner, who aren’t given respect if they’re from VA or don’t make “trap music”.

Hefner’s response to this has been to unashamedly run up 50k+ plays on tracks like Hellbentand continue to mash up his various dark influences. Drawing inspiration from legends such as Three 6 Mafia, SpaceGhostPurrp, and many more of the gritty underground South Florida scene that rose to prominence & inspired many in tune to that murky sound.

He’s continued to apply pressure on the scene with his recent visual, NO FRIENDS. The track is hard, to say the least! Hefner speaks on the relatable issue of having those who have gravitated towards him with his rise to fame, and his loyalty to those he calls his brothers, who’ve really been with him from the jump. The visual is intense, a collaborative effort from director Lionheart Johnny, Burny Visuals, and brilliant editor Yamovision.

Hefner doesn’t fit in a box/genre that’s easily explained, but what’s undeniable is the fact that many resonate with his story & the energy he brings. His draw is powerful, and there’s a palpable authenticity to the music he makes and image he portrays.

DanVHefner is who he is, won’t bend for anyone, and plans to continue to raise hell.

So I suggest paying attention as he continues his rise and listen for the adlib that tells it all: “VA!”.

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