Narde gives a mere glimpse of upcoming EP w/ timeless record “Downtown”


(Prod. Tehron Porter and Bunx Dadda)

Meet Narde, a female artist/musician who grew out of Richmond, VA. First started making music as companionship for herself & her problems at 17 young. As she was always surrounded by creatives who would listen to it & want more. Once, she started taking it serious, she felt like she could actually add something to the music world that wasn’t there. Between a blending of conscious lyrics with edgy-trance, soul-hop beats.

Her record, “Downtown” is just that as its gives the listener a groove filled pop vibe within an amazing soul/hip-hop beat. If her goal was to make this record timeless, she easily accomplished that as the production alone sets a strong tone of the vibe you get from this record. Beautiful produced by California producer Tehron Bunx & Dadda.

This is a mere glimpse of Narde. As she’s prepping for the releasing of her first EP ‘HOMEGROWN’ early 2018.

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