Some of Battle Raps Finest Emcees Cemented Their Legacies at “Legends Never Die 3”

Southpaw Battle Coalition has returned to push further the culture of battle rap with “Legends Never Die 3”. What started as a rap battle event in 2015 has turned into a staple within the Richmond hip-hop culture two years ago with Bravo vs Radio B as the main event. It became even bigger when Radio B vs JC happened in 2016 at Legends Never Die 2 which featured other big time battle rappers such as Danja Zone, Moon, and Nickelus F. Legends Never Die 3 was even bigger than Legends Never Die 2. The event itself was composed of ten battles. The Ray Manley vs B Strong match was pulled due to Ray being caught up in legal trouble the night before the event. Therefore, a surprise battle occurred. The card was stacked from Southpaw and L.O.C. competitors hosted by Roc Stagis and Norbes from SMACK URL.

One of the main cards was Radio B vs Nu Jerzy Twork from Smack URL. The bout was a phenomenal one rounder of two different styles: a technical, sharp lyricist versus a fast rising star that’s known for his energetic style. Radio B was coming off of a stylistic win versus J Morr at the “Baptism By Fire” event [Click HERE for Radio B vs J Morr] while Twork is coming off of his fast rising popularity in the rap battle world. Below is a promo of the card that’s on their YouTube Channel.


Another battle that caught on to the eyes of  Richmond was Redd Handed from League of Champions & the ‘La Familia’ crew versus T.R.I.G. from Southpaw. Long story short, this battle started over a bet on Facebook where Redd couldn’t beat T.R.I.G. and this was an opportunity for Redd to rise to the challenge from his Southpaw counterparts. Meanwhile, T.R.I.G. was coming off of a debatable battle vs Face at the Southpaw Unplugged Event in July [Click HERE for Face v. T.R.I.G.]. This battle opened up the event and I felt the animosity and tension in the air. It was one of the most shocking battles to open up an event. The promo for this match and Redd’s reaction to the bet is below.


There were two battles that’s still sparking debate as battle of the night. Personally, my battle of the night was Bravo vs J Morr but these two battles had everyone’s attention ON LOCK:  Henny L.O. from Mutant Academy vs HabeebChance Fisher vs Sonny Kolfax. These two battles went beyond gun bars. The two battles discussed how to remain true to your roots, American history, how to become a better man, and OF COURSE, gun bars. This event is SO BIG, THAT IT’S DROPPING ON PAY PER VIEW! The full event will drop in a Video On Demand format on for fifteen dollars. It’s truly worth the money. I was on stage for four of the ten battles and stayed for the whole event and I must say, it gets better and better as the battles progressed. This event not only put on for battle rap, but for the city of Richmond and the state of Virginia. Definitely order it on!!! 


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