Can ĀR RÄ Get A “Witness”?

The Sun God, ĀR RÄ is an artist from the Southside of Richmond that’s radiating robust potential in the Virginia music scene. His Soundcloud alone displays consistent plays on his tracks ranging from 6k to 10k on his singles and covers while his first full project Don’t Forget The Ra has tracks that has 25-30k plays on each respective track.

In between his transition from the release of his first full project to preparing for his upcoming Sun Tape projectĀR RÄ made a power move and dropped Witness on Sunday. The first thing that caught my ear was the instrumental made by Meiser Beats. I caught this Western movie shootout scene type of vibe. The opening verse followed that vibe I picked up on as he called out his enemies that acts like his allies in the opening verse. He rapped about how he’s better than his enemies and won’t stoop to their level. The opening verse involves some tough slavery metaphors where he portrays how much better he is than his enemies. Fly Reek did the hook and he bodied it. The hook goes: “On my momma gotta get it/ Can’t see you when it’s tinted/ Fought The Devil but I’m winnin’/ Can I? Can I get a witness?…“. The hook of a song similar to a thesis statement in any essay and it brings a powerful message in a stylish manner: I won’t stoop to your level because I’m bigger and better than you. One of the hardest bars that I heard in the song was “All started in a prison, now I’m starting a religion… I came in the game myself, I might as well praise myself, but all praise to the most high, Sun God…”. Not only ĀR RÄ is saying that he humbled himself from his trials and tribulations, he found inner peace and gives praise the Sun God, which he’s referring to not just himself in third person but also the actual Sun God. That shows his personal confidence in being one of the best out there.

The only issue I have with this is that I was hoping for a little bit more bars because I listen for lyrics, but that’s just my preference. That however shouldn’t take away from his versatility. He appeals to more than listeners who’s just looking for bars. ĀR RÄ doesn’t bar you to death, but he’s a storyteller with his content.  The chemistry by ĀR RÄ and Fly Reek was emphatic. The Sun God brought his usual deep voiced & slick flow while Fly Reek brought a younger hard hitting style to the hook. Both had two distinctively different dialects yet their styles complimented each other.  Jay-Z, yes, JAY-Z, closes out the song talking his cloth talk about competition and not wanting to be “second best”.

After this song, we’re all anticipating the Sun Tape from the Sun God himself. ĀR RÄ and Fly Reek along with Oso Steezy on their The Vans & Adidas Tour as their next stop is at the Firehouse Theater on December 21th.


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