NoVa artist Setea returns from hiatus w/her single Bounce Back (Aint Trippin)

2017 has been nothing short of timeless music.

As the year comes to an end, we would be impetuous to not categorize the 23 year-old northern Virginia, 703 based artist, Setea Kahsay into that timeless bracket. Despite her hiatus, Setea has been pushing forth the divisive culture of the DM-[V], through her silent, but deadly aura and sporadic sounds, advocating for collectiveness amongst the peers of her area. Your-favorite-VA-artist’s-favorite-artist. Her vision, bigger than her, will be embodied through her single Bounce Back (Aint Trippin) prod by. Kris Ja’Lon.

That’s not where her reemergence ends. She’s actively been in 2018, working on an EP called For The Moment. This tape is dedicated to the slow, but sure renaissance of innovation and unity in Northern Virginia recognizing one’s growth through trusting the process of creation.

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