PREMIERE: 9GN surprise fans with a lyrical onslaught & EP teaser

We all love hip hop music. We love the vibe it brings, the energy, the way these artists put words together in a cadence that resonates with you to your very core. So much so that these lines inspire tweets, Instagram captions, tattoos, & continue to ring in your head, days afterward.

In an ode to the art of hip hop music, 3 of some of the most well known lyricists in the 703  got together to deliver a cypher. Not for the streets, not for the clubs, but for the hearts who love Hip Hop music and the lyrics it brings.

Collective 9GN (90wyse, Geronimo, & NoFace Rapper) deliver nothing short of a lyrical onslaught in this surprise cypher.

The 3 each hold their own in this one, as we witness 3 pitbulls in the ring, each giving nothing short of their all in this bar contest.

This one’s a wake up call to all you wack rappers…it’s scary in VA.

9GN is here.

Cerberus EP coming 12/19/2017.



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