90Wyse doesn’t let up with “4×90” EP

Slipper connoisseur and lyrical aficionado, 90Wyse, stands out from the crowd in whatever box/lane you put him in. His grungy sound & deep, gravel voice add only more fuel to the fire that is his presence on the mic & in your speakers. With his new EP release, he’s back in your face and taking a machete to these wack rappers on 4×90.

This 4 track EP continues 90’s streak of continued improvement and development as an artist. Coming off heavy steam from 10K+ single “Swap Meat“, 90Wyse was sure to follow up with a body of work that fans expected from an artist who stands on a lyrical pedestal.

4×90 is filled with the content and allusions that characterized 90Wyse. Everything from pop culture references, to anime, to the witty but violent Shady-esque threats lace this quick EP and give for an exciting listen and perfect introduction to the 703 standout.

You don’t have to take my word for it, check the music for yourself below!

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