Freaky Flash has the Highway buzzing with his “Flash Files 1.5” LP

It’s been an intense year for Ben Block’s Freaky Flash! With all the love and acclaim he’s been receiving, it’s unfortunately made him something like “Fairfax County’s Most Wanted.“ With all the the noise his neighborhood’s been making, shootings, & investigation on his block, feds have been in a tailspin. Flash even said it himself, frankly, “them jimmy’s confused”.

Being the larger-than-life figure Flash is, this has garnered much attention and targeting from FCPD. His recent battles and run-ins have both delayed and applied positive pressure to his career, which he candidly speaks about on his project, Flash Files 1.5.

In 2017, we saw Richmond Highway’s notorious Fordson Road area rise to prominence in the rap scene. With Flash himself playing a heavy part in the recent surge and flooding of music from the area.

With multiple cult hits circulating everywhere from Spinrilla to YouTube, he’s continued to build up buzz and notoriety as one of the premiere artists stepping into the forefront of the wave of talent coming out of the Highway.

All the recent pressure and acclaim finally led to the release of Flash Files 1.5 and it stands true to its name, with the listener gaining insight into Flash & what it’s like coming out the violent, hungry area he is from. Of course, it’s an LP laced with street bangers, 808’s, and slapping Ricky Rick beats. But upon digging deeper, you hear very real stories & pain as Flash lays out his life frankly on tracks such as “Believe Me”, “It Wasn’t Me”, &”Cap”.

This project is as raw and honest as it gets from Freaky Flash. In a world where authenticity is always in question, he delivers a stand alone, heavy hitting project for the streets. Laying out his life honestly through the 11 track LP, detailing the trials & tribulations that come with the life he lives and paper he chases. Whilst touching on everything from pulling your favorite rapper’s card, to love for his family, & infectious 4100 anthems.
With a powerful release such as this, Flash lets fans know he’s  planning to turn up the streets, & seamless rollout a takeover that’s destined to shoot him to prominence in the VA scene, & world.

This LP serves as great intro to Flash & good crank to match, so give it a listen below.

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