PREMIERE: 9GN has people taking notice with “Cerberus” EP

9GN broke onto the scene earlier this month with a cypher that garnered a lot of attention and put the three 703 lyricists on a pedestal. It was the type of match-up many hip hop lovers in north-side VA were waiting for and they further captivated the attention with the announcement of the upcoming release of their collaborative EP, Cerberus.

Solo, each artistsstands as a creative who is more than capable of making quality, timeless music. Music that hits on all facets, whether it be conceptually, or sonically. However, the collaboration of these 3 artists (NoFace Rapper, Geronimo, & 90wyse) make for a 3 headed beast of a group befitting of the name from which this EP gains it’s name.

At only 3 tracks, Cerberus EP stands as only an intro to the caliber of music these creatives can put out in a collaborative effort. Whilst riding over everything from dark, to upbeat production, they  lay out their bars on the table with a lack of remorse and with no sparing for the faint of heart.

Give a listen to this powerful EP below!


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