N.A.F. Is Showing Their “Shine” Through Their Music

Not A Fan, N.A.F. for short is a duo composed of two brothers, Dlockd and Dirty Kravitz who hail from Yorktown, VA. Prior to the release of Shine, their other songs were doing numbers from anywhere between +4,000 to +14,000 plays on Soundcloud. Their style reflects more towards the modern day style of mainstream music, yet they add their own unique twist by their Rockstar/Autotune energy style they have with the producer, J-Dep.

Shine has a smoother vibe compared to their other songs like Believe Me & Lay Up. I believe that Shine is the true essence of their Rockstar/Autotune style. The song reflects the story of any rockstar lifestyle of sex and drugs. However, there are certain undertones of shadiness from their competition that once saw the duo as their allies. The two songs I iterated earlier were more rap toned while Shine is more towards vocalizing cadences on electronic music based instrumentals. The cover art really helps out in visualizing how the song. The duo wants their shine to be seen everywhere in the world and out of the world. N.A.F.’s latest song is currently at +26,000 plays on Soundcloud. Stream the song below and follow them on Instagram (@officialnotafan) and Twitter (@officialNotAFan).

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