RVA Lyricist Lounge Is The New Place To Make A Name For Yourself In The VA Music Scene

On January 12th, the very first episode of the RVA Lyricist Lounge was curated. The RVA Lyricist Lounge was created to reestablish lyricism and the traits of the golden age of hip hop into the modern times. In the inaugural episode, the Lounge opened up with a rap battle segment called the Bare Knuckle Orientation. The Bare Knuckle Orientation is for battle rappers who are either trying to return to the main rap battle stage or battle rappers trying to make their way up to the battle stage platforms. The very first BKO was between Basement Chemistry and T.R.I.G. and you can watch that battle HERE

What the Lyricist Lounge also does is that they hold open cypher slots for artists who want to show up and prove themselves on the mic. At the first event they had 15 slots open for artists. It opens doors for artists who are trying to network and push music out to potential fans and business partners. The open cyphers also creates a medium for people who don’t make music, but love the culture to express themselves [such as people like myself].


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There will also be live performances and live cyphers already on the bill. Last month the Lounge had Michael Millions as their first headliner performing songs from his album Hard To Be King project. The live cyphers last month featured the AGM collective, Mutant Academy, the Gritty City collective and more.

This month however, there are 30, yes, 30 cypher slots available for grabs. 15 slots will be open at the show and 15 can be reserved if you DM the RVA Lyricist Lounge Instagram Page. There will be a cypher champion after each episode and the champion will win an incentive that’ll vary each episode. The first cypher champion, MC Correct, will return to the Lounge to defend his title and retain his bragging rights as one of the best emcees to spit in the open cyphers. There will be two battles sponsored by the Southpaw Battle Coalition and live performances from Radio B and Michael Millions. For up and coming artists or local artists trying to make a bigger name for themselves, this event is for you. There are so many artists that has been featured on Shade 45, Sway In The Morning, XXL, Mass Appeal, Complex, and more that was there at the first episode and they’re returning in the second episode. For brands that are looking for possible vending opportunities, DM the Instagram page I mentioned earlier for opportunities. The next episode will take place Feb 10th at Strange Matter for $10. Subscribe to the Lyricist Lounge on Youtube to keep up with videos from the events.

Below are some of the photos from the inaugural episode. All photos below courtesy of @RVACHILLY.


Michael Millions (@MICHAELmillions)



Bravo aka Mick Murda (@BravoofVA)



BC Music 1st ( @bcmusic1st)



Noah-O (@ChargedUpNoahO)



J Slim (@3waySlim)

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