Take a trip to Portsmouth with “Sorry For Tha Pape” (VISUAL)

The usual late night YouTube browsing brings you to a visual shot by notable cinematographer, Vidlord.


You find yourself at the corner store, similar to one you’ve seen in your own hometown. The scene is set by the mild futuristic production and the crowd huddles outside the store. Soon a raw voice rips through every empty pocket in the beat with gruff adlibs and candid real life street stories.

Welcome to the west side of Portsmouth, with none other than Pape.

The Pistol city upcomer has been relentless in his recent approach to the game, continuing to drop visual after visual, to which his fan-base has responded by ravenously eating up every one.

Authenticity has aided Pape in his quick rise to notoriety on the rap scene, as his unique style of adlibs and brash delivery makes his tracks standout among the talented crowd coming out of his area.

Sorry For Tha Pape is no different, as he stays true to his roots and unashamedly details what separates him from those who aren’t solid, and haven’t really given it all for this life.

Notable lines like “I would’ve taken the same $500, same 4 zips…late nights in the trap I stayed up and prayed for this sh*t” hit hard. No, they’re not the most eloquent, metaphorical lines we’ve heard. Yet their simplistic, matter-of-fact delivery paint you a picture of how solid Pape stands in his lifestyle and path.

Artists often undervalue how important that connection to your audience and authentic feel to your music is, but Pape surely hasn’t missed these integral details to his artistry.

Check the budding 757 star out now below.

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