Catch the wave with Breon Marcel on “Sedatives”

It’s often rare you can pick up a project from an upcoming MC and be both thoroughly impressed, as well as extremely optimistic about their potential. Hip Hop artist and songwriting aficionado, Breon Marcel, dropped one of the most diverse and wave bending projects this year with, Sedatives.

Marcel takes an impressively strong take on a variety of production, further testing his pen with numerous styles, cadences, and flows. The end product brings forth a befittingly named 11 track LP, Sedatives, which’s waves and falls create a journey,  not just a listen.

What makes this project so exceptional sonically is the way Marcel manages to seamlessly mix and pair different sounding songs and flows right next to each with this project’s arrangement.

He effortlessly pairs the trap with the soul like chicken and collard greens with this track list, creating a dynamic and interesting listen that keeps your pallet appeased sonically, as well as enamored with Marcel and his versatility.

To top his skill set off, he brings forth a strong lyrical prowess when he steps to the mic, with bars one can tell was crafted, sharpened, then put to work every time he steps into the booth.

This is one of those projects coming from a relatively unknown artist that keeps me excited about the scene and the rich pool of talent we have here in Virginia. The fact that we can continue to stumble upon and be introduced into new talent who seem to be breaking the mold and offering something that continues separate them from peers and competitors alike.

Breon Marcel is a name you really might want to know, sooner than later.

Here: he dropped some Sedatives below to ease those who still are sleep.

Notable Tracks: Alone, Soulfood, Love The Life You Live,.


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