“14 records to get over that L you caught on Valentine’s day”

This year and last has been filled with many vibes along with many trials & tribulations from a lot of our homegrown artist. As we past this years Valentines day, we thought it would be a good idea to sum up a playlist of videos & records that some of you may be able to relate to. As we all know love can sometimes be beautiful.. or a beautiful monster!

1) ATM Curly – Official

2) Boobie Holiday – CryBaby

3) Huey Supreme – Never Fall

4) Louis Luv & Landon Cube – What’s Love

5) Narde – Love Dreams

 6) Shaboozey – Winning Streak

7) Alondo Jackson – New Heart New Tears

8) Buto – Blessing

9) Austin Skinner – ily

10) Zara Bash – I Remember

11) Noo$e – Kickback

12) Giovani Marcia – After Me

13) Doesy – Regret

14) Mood – VA Isn’t For Lovers

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