Papi Lomein drops a wistful single with “Stuck In My Ways”

The average underground music lover probably hits soundcloud a minimum of 3 times a week. You surf your feed, check out what’s going on with some of your hometown favorites, and just devote a small bit of your time consistently to perusing this media-rich application.

Many can relate to quickly becoming immersed in the soundscape and endless doors into which you press play, and step into on the platform. Hoping, searching, and interested in finding that new gem that will quickly become the soundtrack to your daily life for the next few days. We hope to even find an artist whose music and vibe resonate so much with you, you become a longstanding fan. A fan of someone often comes from the same background as you, no record deal, no major exposure, they may not even have ever put their foot in a pair of Giuseppe’s.

My search brought me to Papi Lomein’s small corridor of the platform, in which he freely expresses emotions and paints his story across the open walls of white space. With most songs standing healthily at over 5k plays, and many upwards of that, the Northern VA upcomer garners some attention.

Stuck In My Ways is an interesting first look into the 3-Dimensional soundscape that Lomein creates for himself. The track stands at just over a minute, leaving the listener slightly confused at the loss of an additional verse, after being drawn into and lulled by Lomein’s wailing production and wistful lyrics laying the melody across the fast paced, treble.

Check it out for yourself below!

“I wrote this for my girl.”

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