The League of Champions is Seeking Honor Amongst Men in Battle Rap March 17th

One of Richmond’s premier battle rap leagues, the League of Champions, is having their next event on March 17th called Honor Amongst Men. L.O.C. is coming off of their biggest event to date M.E.A.N. 3 (Main Events All Night) that took place in January and is looking forward to keep bringing high quality rap battles. For those who aren’t familiar with L.O.C., the League of Champions are a Richmond based battle rap league that breeds battle rappers such as J Morr who recently done a Smack URL event in Richmond back in January, and fellow veterans like Sonny Kolfax and Redd Handed. L.O.C. also has some familiar faces in the DMV battle rap scene battle at their previous events like Madface, who also was at the URL event in Richmond, and Richmond battle rap legend Moon who battled RZA from Wu-Tang in the 90s.

Some names to look out for in this upcoming battle includes Barcardy from Baltimore who recently battled in January at the Pit Fights Battle League vs DK. Their battle was a highly debatable battle where the highlight of his battle came from Barcardy’s third round. The fans truly won that battle, yet Barcardy can have more to prove facing against Sandman Da Heathan. The most recent battle that Sandman was in was at L.O.C.’s End of Days as he battled another rapper who’s on this card, Jem City [peep the battle HERE]. Another face on the card to look out for is Roc Raw. Roc recently lost a judged battle to Nate Gibbz back in The Formula event hosted by L.O.C. 56%-44% in favor of Gibbz via Instagram poll through the league’s page. It was a close battle that’s worth watching and Raw had nothing to be ashamed of. It’s almost certain that Roc Raw is going to use his last battle as fuel to defeat his opponent on the card, veteran battle rapper, I Got Bars.

This event will be one for the books in not just the Virginia rap battle scene but quite possibly the DMV battle rap scene. The event is only ten dollars and will take place March 17th at the Liquid Cafe in downtown Richmond hosted by Cheats Movement Podcast member, Gigi Broadway (All Day).


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