ANALOG SUSPECTS sets the tone with “Mexican Standoff” (PREMIERE)

While traversing this game filled with wack rappers and a society riddled with clout seekers, it can be hard to decipher who is real.

Those that really stand solid in this game are seen as the top dogs, the pinnacle, and often jealousy and hate bring those below jeering and clamoring to garner some of that attention.

Producer Dj Mentos and rapper Noah-O stand as some of the most notable creatives in the Richmond scene. In 2016 they created magic with their well renowned LP, “The Rain“. They garnered nationwide attention with the blending of Mentos’ smooth, 90’s esque instrumentals and Noah’s unique bag of flows and subject matter.

Now in 2018, the two have rightfully continued their collaborative relationship and joined together to form ANALOG SUSPECTS.

Their first single comes in the candid, no punches held form of Mexican Standoff.

Noah’s voice fills all empty space in Mentos’ eerie production on this single. He gets real frank, unapologetically standing tall and reminding those listening and hating of his stature in this game, as well as the the doors he’s broke down to get here.

With hints at their official album “transmission 001″ coming sooner than later, we excitedly await more from ANALOG SUSPECTS! Until then, enjoy this first track below.

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