Milo Case’s “Pillow Talking Weather” Helps Keep Cuffing Season In Full Effect

Richmond native Milo Case is an unknown face in the Virginia music scene that prior to this review, hadn’t been looked at by some of the platforms here. Milo Case is an artist that has an musical background in playing the tenor saxophone, tuba, alto clarinet, alto saxophone, bass clarinet, trombone, and baritone. Pillow Talk Weather is Milo’s third mixtape in his discography and is coming off a successful mixtape called Cultivation that have almost eighty thousand plays on almost each respective track.

Pillow Talk Weather is a fifteen track mixtape that covers topics from the usual “Netflix and Chill”, college adventures, and black love to conscious societal issues such as police brutality and underfunded education from where he grew up. The beat selection ranges from soulful R&B instrumentals to jazz based instruments such as saxophones and string instruments. One of the tracks that caught my eye is a track called Kickback. It’s a melodious track that highlights the story of a kickback and the feelings of closing the deal with a woman there.  While Milo serenades the woman in the song, he dives deeper into real world situations in the second verse. He spits, “sweet tea and skittles probably my favorite snack and if I blend in with my hoodie, then I’m probably black/ so you, take out your pistol and just aim at my back/See that’s really fucked up, I was tryna get to my kickback, put some Crown in my cup/Talk game to the shorty I invited to come, now your pistol up on my chest, [bro] you gotta be dumb/If you shoot me here, the fuck you gonna do with the body?/ you gon sit around call the police and tell them you shot me?/Nah homie you gon tell them it’s self defense, and you’ll probably get away cause you’re white…”.  The full second verse is definitely a verse to listen to. There are other tracks to check out such as Caged Bird that focuses on some of his personal trials and tribulations into becoming the man that he is today. Hack (Bonus Track) is a reflective track focusing on a story back in his high school days that’s worth checking out.

There are some things Milo Case can improve on in this project such as timing of singing his vocals for the hooks. In some songs there are instances where the vocals end shorter than and or last longer than expected in correlation with the beat. The ranges he demonstrates are solid for his beat selection, but the timing of the vocals are still a process in the works.

Overall, this is a well executed project by the Richmond native. His distinctive lyricism is supplemented by the new age R&B style that he incorporated into the theme of Pillow Talk Weather. PTW is a project that can catch the attention of many ears in Virginia. The UVA Senior is expected to graduate in May. Stream the project below on Spotify and listen to the project on iTunes and Tidal. Follow Milo Case on Instagram and Twitter. Check out his website




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