Zach Thousand returns with a notable soundbite in “Dinner At Ashleigh’s”

Over the self-produced bounce & snap beat, Zach come with his usual hard cadence as he gives us our first impression of his storytelling on the mic. The sweet, westside influenced production gives a bit of that vintage, middle of the summer Dom Kennedy feel.

Similar to the west$ide player, Zach brings his usual charismatic, nonchalant demeanor on to Dinner At Ashleigh’sWhile seamlessly catching the wave of the upbeat instrumental, he gives an insight into the spur-of-the moment events that fill Zach’s tumultuous life. Dodging janky clientele and sliding on curvaceous women, it’s an exciting 2 minute trip with the Newport News MC.

Zach Thousand’s been ill “since the fitted and the Vans” on his 2016 EP, so check what he’s bringing to the scene in 2018 below.


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