Artist Insight: Huncho Heem

1. Q) How long have you been making music for?

A) “I been making music… I wanna say for about 6 years now since middle school forreal forreal”

2. (Q)How do you feel about your progress over the past couple years?

(A) “You know I’m actually proud of myself cuz not a lot of Virginia artist are getting the same type of attention as me so I’m blessed and thankful and definitely gonna keep on working!”

3. (Q) How Important is networking?

(A) “Tbh I feel like networking ain’t all that but it is a bonus and it could help you out but I feel like you not always gonna make it just off networking gotta definitely add more to your craft”

4. (Q) Why’d you drop out of school?

(A) “I don’t wanna say I dropped out cause that wasn’t necessarily what happen I just really stop going for a minute cause I go to an alternative school and I just don’t be fucking with it but I’m definitely back up in that shit to set a good example to the other niggas and plus I know this what my mom want me to do so Ima do that shit and graduate 💯

5.(Q) Why were you locked up recently?

(A) “I don’t even wanna really talk about that shit right now but when that mixtape drop y’all gonna know what happen!”

6. (Q) Whats your current status with IGM? Is that still your label?

(A) “Man FREE MY DAWGS them still my niggas n I’m still on that igm shit”

7.(Q) Whats your plan now for 2018?

(A) “I’m just tryna get more money and stay out the way only way Is up from here”

8. (Q) How’d did your record with Hoodrich Pablo Juan come about?

(A) “I’m just a young nigga plugged in shout out Hoodrich doe!”

9. (Q) Where do you see yourself in a year from now?

(A) “Man should be doing shows out of town and also should be on XXL so Ima make that happen!”

11. (Q) What do you want to see more of in the nova music scene?

(A) “I just I wanna see the whole va make it foreal but these niggas acting like bamas I can’t digg it but i wanna see these guys prosper ain’t no hate in my bones!”

12. (Q) When can we expect your first album?

(A) “I plan on dropping my first album when I know for a fact my fan base is where I want it to be but I know it’s gonna be real soon”

13. (Q) Any pointers for other artist who just started or not seeing the progress they want?

(A) Man if your artist just have faith in your self fuck what everyone else says and if they ain’t supporting you the way you should be supported just know who and who not to fuck with when you up! ALWAYS  KNOW YOUR WORTH!

14. (Q) Do you feel like there’s too many artists talking about the same thing in their music?

(A) “I mean I feel va is a different breed & do feel like we make difffrent type of music like we’re real artists that make real music as though I do feel like there are some va artistes that try to sound like md or D.C. niggas”

15. (Q) Young Crazy out of Norfolk is the closest one to knocking down the door for VA right now. Do you see yourself working with him in the future?

(A) “Young Crazy go hard hopefully one day he fuck wit a young nigga but the 757 area don’t really kno to much about this side of VA”

 “Exactly they don’t know too much about up north, you being one of the faces of this area we think a collaboration like that would help bridge Nova & the 757 together” – Souche

“It definitely will I’m telling you!! We will definitely take over the music scene if that happen.” – Huncho

16. (Q) You got none else in mind you wanted to address?

(A) “Shoutout every Artist in VA! Even if it ain’t me I want ATLEAST someone to kick da door in for VA”

“Since our interview last May you’ve put yourself in a better position musically and business wise. Much respect, I do want to wish you good luck to you man & stay true to your vision.” – Souche

“Thank you I really appreciate it” – Huncho

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