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With new artists popping up left and right, plus new underground hits seemingly dropping out of the sky on various streaming services it can be hard to keep up.

For this, we bring you our own little take on a weekly rotation, or simply: Heat of the Week. With talented artists homegrown in Virginia and beyond.

All tracks and full playlist below.

Peace and Happy Listening.

Kanye’s Intro by J Slim

The Northside Richmond representer’s latest release finds his strong voice and steady cadence flowing across soulful, vintage Kanye production. Slim kicks some flavor on this intro track, unapologetically laying out his life journey and ripping into the eerie, gritty picture the beat provides.

The end product gives that hard, honest feel we got from Freddie Gibbs as he unexpectedly slid across every Madlib etched beat.

With a strong core following and a story you can’t deny, versed lyricist J Slim prepares to make a statement this year.

Brick Talkin’ by Young Crazy

(Prod. Era Hardaway)

Norfolk general and VA frontrunner Young Crazy serves to be an example of someone coming from the gutter of VA, and making it out off solely their own hustle, ambition, and steadfastness in staying true to themselves.

Since the release of his first major debut LP, Crazo Damn, the buzz surrounding this young artist has only increased as we all eagerly await to hear his notable voice sliding and snapping on the next instrumental.

Music Artist & Producer, Era Hardaway, answered our prayers with a clean, trap infused beat that set the stage perfectly for Crazo to come in and do what he does best…

Marci w/ Boku Maru by .Peter $un

When in need of a pick me up, something new in your rotation, or just simply some music you can feel good about…please feel free to turn to .Peter $un.

The talented Richmond artist has made a name for himself as one who is never afraid to push his creativity and pave his own lane. His vibrant sound, melodic production, and willingness to bend his vocals in any which way he sees fit, make him one of the most intriguing and enjoyable artists around right now.

Late Night by Huey Supreme

Portsmouth artist, Huey Supreme has served as one of the most most exemplary and forward thinking creatives to come out of Pistol city. Continuously creating content and sounds that push his barriers as a artist, as well as our imagination as listeners.

Supreme continues to show his progression with another standout single for Late Night, a sweet sounding track devoted to the balance of the grind chasing dreams and situations with possible lovers.

Teeth In My Neck by Kali Uchis

Colombian-American songstress Kali Uchis has been making major strides over the past couple years.

With growing fandom in her home country, a relatable yet high profile relationship with DC’s Yung Gleesh, and a budding modeling career to boot, the stage was set for a long awaited LP that was bound to shake things up for the Northern Virginia artist. With that, we received “Isolation“.

Bouncing, showroom single “Teeth In My Neck” finds Kali sweetly crooning her woes and dissapointment in the industry, with those who will suck you dry of your talent and energy seemingly behind every corner.

With such a strong debut, the future is bright for this bubbling international star.

Shoot by Fridaynite

NoVA’s Fridaynite has one of the strongest, cult internet following we’ve seen from a local artist on his side. With a solid base of over 4k followers on Soundcloud and songs crossing over the 20k threshold, this budding artist definitely has something to the formula.

Latest singles release, “Shoot“, serves as great intro to Fridaynite and his sound as an artist. The bouncy, ad-lib laced production pair well with his lighthearted, extravagant verse that serves as both a compliment and contradiction to the raw hook and theme from which the track’s title derives.

Welcome to Friday’s world.

Louder by Big Lo$

big los

“B-B-BIG LO$ ON THA TRACK BOY!” is a tag everybody has heard, respects, and knows one way or another. If you dont, you just aren’t paying attention!

757 super-producer Big Lo$ has had his name in rotation across various music circles for a long time now. With hits under his belt with everyone from Lil Yachty, to Chris Travis, Lo$’ resume speaks for itself.

With so many fire beats in the cut, Lo$ continues to take a stab at them himself as only one can kill his production like he can! 

Cool It by Bucky Malone*

Bucky Malone is one of those independent artists who we’ve seen truly been on the grind since we began our platform. From Manassas to ATL, NYC, to DC, this 703 artist has been making a name for himself nationwide.

Whilst continuing to kill shows with his high energy, rambunctious style, Bucky has been putting together his first major release set to be released on all major streaming platforms.

In anticipation he unleashes his bouncy new single “Cool It” Produced by DC’s own Handsome Jones.

Deathmatch by Ceo ft. ConFromThe703

There’s just something about that daily dose of that aggresive, profanity laced, bass booming the walls, type hip hop?

This one comes by way of a collaborative effort from Woodbridge’s ConFromThe703 and Mechanicsville’s Ceo, “Deathmatch“.

The two both reach into their bag for this one. Both MC’s shine on the heavy, grungy production while displaying their fiery, in-your-face style.

Catch the two spilling blood on this beat with the ferocity of nothing short of late night Celebrity Deathmatch.

Full Plate by Ainae

 “Tastefully fusing her love for soulful R&B and Contemporary Pop Ainae Nielsen has created her unique sound. Her awareness of the world and need to learn has given her the tools to create meaningful lyricism and melodies that encapsulate all the colors being produced in her head. The vocalist and songwriter was raised in South East Washington DC, using her poetry and melodies she has translated her experiences and hopes into every song she has poured out onto paper. Her household was full of music and silence was a foreign entity that wasn’t always welcomed into the doors.

She released her first song “Full Plate” on SoundCloud in November 2017 and received much attention earning 2,000 plays in the first few days of its release. With the release of her first song, she has worked ferociously on her first EP “Contort” to feature “Full Plate,” which was released on March 16th,2018 to start the New Year strong and full of meaning, energy and as a present to herself for her birthday. She has created a name for her self through the performances she has done and events she has organized and curated for the benefit of young DMV artists like REM SLEEP and works to create more events like these to highlight young artists like herself.

Ainae brings new breath to the overly saturated market she is working to influence. If you don’t believe, make sure to listen to her newly released EP -“Contort,” which shows the immense talent and uniqueness that Ainae can bring to 2018.

The world is writing a story that Ainae has the pen to translate.”

Say About Me by Rozwell Fitzroy

The more we delve deeper and deeper in the 757, the more apparent it seems that something is clearly in the water. Artists of all lanes seem to be making some of the most impressive, mold-breaking sounds to date that we’ve heard out of Virginia.

Virginia Beach native Rozwell Fitzroy serves as living, breathing testament to this statement. With a sound and style that cannot be put into a box, and continued press coverage from reputable platforms such as Pigeons & Planes, Fitzroy’s hard work has now put him in position to become one of the major lights shining from VA.

Say About Me” finds Fitzroy in his bag sonically, channeling electronic, what sounds close to vintage T-Pain, and R&B vibes to create a short conflicted ballad for his lover.

Promise Remix by Fly anakin, Koncept Jack$on, & TUAMIE ft. Freddie Gibbs

Mutant shit worldwide…Fly Anakin and Koncept Jack$on have been putting in overtime over the past 5 years, carving a name for themselves nationwide. Their hardnosed, high energy style and flow make them a difficult duo to compete with on the mic. Couple that with the fact they seemingly step to the booth with 64 bars ready every time, the Mutant Academy standouts can easily by heralded as apart of the top tier artists doing it right now.

The devotion to originality and grind has been paying off for the two as they managed to link up with the Gary, Indiana legend Freddie Gibbs who provides a verse to be reckoned with on this one.


How Does It Feel by Orion

Fairfax’s Orion comes into 2018 with both tenure & well-earned confidence.

With underground hit “TTG” clearing 1 million plays, opening for VCU Homecoming, and growing support under his belt, many eagerly look to the quick-witted artist for his next release.

How Does It Feel” finds Orion in his comfort zone, sliding in the pocket of the beat with quick, unfiltered lines and stretching chorus.

More dope sounds and tracks can only be in store for the 703 standout.

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